Parks and natural spaces

Perfect spaces to disconnect

Montevideo, in addition to being a city full of life, has various parks and natural spaces that offer a green respite and the opportunity to connect with nature.

Parque Rodó is one of the most emblematic green spaces in the city. This park offers large green areas, a lake with rowboats and an amusement park, making it an ideal place for families and people of all ages. Its walking trails, picnic areas, and peaceful atmosphere make Parque Rodó a perfect place to enjoy a day outdoors.

The Japanese Garden, located within Parque Rodó, is a space of serenity and beauty. Designed following the traditions of Japanese landscaping, this garden offers a peaceful atmosphere with its carp pond, wooden bridges and a careful selection of plants and flowers. It is an ideal place for those looking for a quiet corner for meditation and relaxation.

The Botanical Garden of Montevideo is another natural treasure of the city. Dedicated to the conservation of both native and international plant species, this garden offers a rich diversity of flora in an educational and recreational environment. Its trails allow visitors to explore different ecosystems and learn about the importance of biodiversity.

Finally, Montevideo's beaches, such as Pocitos, Ramírez and Buceo, offer a natural escape in the heart of the city. La Rambla, which runs along the coast, is perfect for walking, cycling and outdoor activities. The beaches are ideal for relaxing, swimming and enjoying the sun, becoming a meeting point for both locals and tourists.

These parks and natural spaces are an essential part of Montevideo, providing places to enjoy the outdoors, tranquility and natural beauty in the middle of the urban environment.

Parks and natural spaces
Parks and natural spaces Parks and natural spaces Parks and natural spaces Parks and natural spaces