Enjoy culinary quality in Montevideo

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, has a rich gastronomic tradition. The city's gastronomic markets and typical dishes offer a unique culinary experience that reflects the diversity and richness of Uruguayan cuisine.

One of the most emblematic places to enjoy gastronomy in Montevideo is the Mercado del Puerto. This historic market is a meeting point for locals and tourists looking to taste the famous Uruguayan barbecue. With its numerous grills, the market offers a variety of meats grilled to perfection, accompanied by salads and other side dishes. The festive and authentic atmosphere of the Mercado del Puerto makes it a must-visit for any lover of good food.

Another notable market is the Montevideo Agricultural Market (MAM). Located in a restored building from the early 20th century, this market combines tradition and modernity. Here you can find fresh, local and organic products, as well as a wide gastronomic offer that includes typical dishes and international options. It is a perfect place to explore the flavors of Uruguay and enjoy a vibrant and colorful atmosphere.

Among the most representative dishes of Uruguayan gastronomy is roast meat or barbecue. This dish is a true institution in Uruguay, where meat is masterfully grilled, using cuts such as vacuum, roast strip and entrecôte. Asado is usually accompanied by chimichurri, salads and bread, and is a culinary experience that reflects the Uruguayan passion for meat.

Gnocchi, although of Italian origin, have become a tradition in Uruguay, especially on the 29th of each month. On this date, many families and restaurants prepare homemade gnocchi, usually potato, accompanied by various sauces. This custom is associated with good fortune and is a perfect excuse to enjoy this delicious dish in good company.

The chivito is another icon of Uruguayan cuisine. Made with grilled beef filet, this sandwich is served with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, egg and mayonnaise, all on fresh bread. It can be found in almost every restaurant and bar in Montevideo and is a popular choice for both lunch and dinner.

Montevideo's gastronomic offer is rich and varied, reflecting the mix of cultural influences and the passion for good food. The markets and typical dishes are an essential part of the culinary experience in the city, offering flavors and traditions that all visitors love.

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